Executive Committee

FAAA Executive Board is made up of the following 7 position: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, V.P.  Awards, V.P. Fundraising, V.P. Special Projects.  

  • President:      Nate Schuler               314-479-1011            nschuler@faaasports.com
  • Vice President: T.J. Kussman tjkussman@faaasports.com
  • Secretary:
  • Treasurer: Colleen Schuler cschuler@faaasports.com
  • V.P. Awards: Temporarily Joe Murphy jmurphy@faaasports.com
  • V.P. Fundraising:
  • V.P. Special Projects: Dave Wilson dwilson@faaasports.com
  • Baseball: Paul Smith psmith@faaasports.com
  • Softball:
  • Soccer:
  • Auxillary President(Concession Stand):
  • Information Officer:
  • Past President: Andy Stumm astumm@faaasports.com